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Frequently Asked Questions

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 01  What kind of ID can I bring?
Identification is needed for any notarial service. In California the following types of identification are allowed provided they are current or issued within the last five years and have all the required elements needed for an ID to be valid: 
Driver's License or ID card issued from the DMV in California or another state, Driver's license issued by Mexico or Canada, United States Passport, Foreign Passport, US Military Identification card with a signature (Common Access Card not allowed), State of California, county or city Employee ID card that includes photo, serial number, signature, and issue or expiration date, a valid consular identification document or card issued by a consulate from the applicant's country of citizenship, A card issued by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation id card for an inmate or an ID card issued by a sheriff's department for an inmate in a county jail or detention center, ID card issued by a federally recognized tribal government which includes photo, physical description, serial number and signature.
In the event that none of these IDs are available, one credible witness personally known to the notary or two credible witness unknown to the Notary may be allowed as long as they are able to provide a valid ID from the list above and they are personally known to the signer and not partial to the signing.
 02  Do you have an office?


I provide mobile notary services which means I can meet you at a coffee shop, fast food restaurant, your office or home, or other location. Let me know what works for you!




 03  What is a Notary?


A notary is a person who is an official representative of the state appointed by the Secretary of State who properly identifies the signer of the document and is also able to give oaths and affirmations.




 04  What is a Notary Signing Agent?


A Notary Signing Agent is a Notary who has training for the documents that are present in loan packages for title companies, escrow companies, and mortgage companies. In addition to completing the notary portion for the package, a Notary Signing Agent may also print the documents as well as ensure that the signer/signers have completed all the necessary signatures, initials or other information in the package. Once the signing is complete the Notary Signing Agent will return the package to the title company or lender.




 05  How much does it cost to get a document notarized?

The cost for one signature/document to be notarized is $15. Travel fees start at $40 and can vary due to the distance to and/or time spent at the given location.

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